Background and History
Shakthidhama women’s rehabilitation and development center started working in the year 1997. It is located in Mysore (recently renamed as MYSURU) and until date we have rehabilitated over 4000 women in need.  The work continues with additional facilities created to provide skill development and training for women to achieve economic self-reliance. Two counseling units of the center help to overcome the traumatic experience of the women.

Geographical description and background of the problem
Mysore  is  a  tourist  place  surrounded  by  a  cluster  of  under developed  villages.  Because  of  poverty  and  domestic  violence  a large number of women become homeless and migrate to Mysore where they  survive  as  sex  workers.  To address this problem Shakthidhama  was founded  in 1998 to provide a safe short stay home with rehabilitation measures for these women.

To  provide  educational  opportunities  to  disadvantaged  girl child and to educate them up to class tenth after which the girls are supported  to  choose  the  course  of  education  in  line  with  their aptitude.

Mission  &  objectives
Shakthidhama  is  committed  to  work  for education and rehabilitation of orphan girls, tribal girls and the girls from disadvantaged families in the age group of 9 years to 16 years and onwards. This is a new project started from the year 2017.