Be a partner and support the cause

Sponsor a girl child: Rs. 30,000  per year or $ 500/- per year will enable us to provide health care, food, education and other requirements of a girl for one year.

Sponsor for a cottage: 12 girls are housed in each cottage under the care of a house mother. Your kind donation of Rs 3,60,000 or $ 6000 will take care of the entire cottage.

Sponsorship of a shelter-less women: Rs 3,500/- month will enable us serve one such women with food, medicine, counseling, and psychiatric facility.

Sponsorship of a pregnant woman: Rs 5000/- per month will help this woman to get health and psychiatric care, food shelter and inpatient hospital facility with prenatal and post natal care.

Construction of school Building: The planned school building will have 16 units of construction. Cost of construction of each such unit is 50,000,00/- INR or $ 75,000/- You are most welcome to be a partner of this great endeavour by donating for one or more units  of construction.

Major expenditure

  • Education and Food expenditure for Girls in multiples of 10 Girls- Rs 3,00,000/- or $5000/- per year.
  • Expenditure for the Women: Resident women- Rs 3000/- per month.
  • women under prenatal and post natal care Rs 5000/- per month.
  • Salary for the staff members and transportation expenditure: Rs 1,50,000/- or $2500/- per month.


Support construction of school- 1st -10th std

  • Construction of School for all the resident girls and for the girls from poor families living in the surrounding area to achieve integration into main stream society.
  • First phase of construction will be with 6 blocks with classrooms and educational amenities
  • Cost of each block: INR 50,00,000/- or $ 84000/-
  • Second Phase with 6 blocks with 15% increase in cost.

Shakthidhama Account Details

Donate through Bank remittance for the following account numbers or you can send a crossed cheque drawn in favor of “shakthidhama”.


NAME                         – SHAKTHIDHAMA
ACCOUNT NUMBER – 0566101036702
IFSC CODE                – 
CNRB 0000566
SWIFT CODE             – 
MICR CODE               –